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  • From: Klaus Lohmann <dl4oah@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: pskmail@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Tue, 05 Feb 2013 10:43:04 +0100


add C:\Program Files(x86)\hamlib-win32-\bin\ to the Path. I have only a german W7 available, but I'M shure you can help yourself :-)

Computer > Systemeigenschaften > Erweiterte Systemeinstellungen > Erweitert >Umgebungsvariablen > Systemvariablen

select Path, hit End-Key, enter (or paste) ;C:\Program Files(x86)\hamlib-win32-\bin\

watch the ";" in the beginning!

Please, no comments on this procedure ;-)!

Rig settings are stored in 2.0.28, tried it this morning.

If somebody (Ian) is searching a file under windows, try this: http://www.voidtools.com/Everything-

Works pretty much like "locate".

"(I will never get used to escaping directory names on windows)": YES, this and ignoring case are really annoying differencies between Unix and Windows. Had some fun making all classes upper case camel, config became Config etc.

73, Klaus

Am 05.02.2013 09:55, schrieb Rein Couperus:
The good news is, that I got rigctl running on windows 7. The bad news is
that I have to give the complete path to do that:
C:\Program Files(x86)\hamlib-win32-\bin\rigctl -l
I have tried with the K3, and from its own directory I can run
rigctl -m 229 -r COM11 -s 38400, and it works like a breeze.
To get jPSKmail to use it I must be able to run it as 'rigctl ..... etc'.

What must I do to enable to run it as 'rigctl -l' without full path?

The Rig type and all other parameters on the Preferences->Edit->Rig tab
are sticky in my win7 copy of 2.0.28... so I have no clue why it should not
work on your machine... maybe you run the app as admin?

Rein EA/PA0R/M

(I will never get used to escaping directory names on windows)

___Original Message_________________________________________
From: Rein Couperus <rein@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 4 Feb 2013 Time: 17:25:34

>Mine is at users/rein/pskmail

But not in a Windows system.

However, I have made progress. In the Preferences>Modes dialog, no mode
is selected by default. In that case, trying to save any Preferences
resulted in the error message I reported earlier.

I have now selected a default mode, and I get no more error messages.

But now another problem. When I select a rig, the selection is not
sticky. Every time I open the rig window, it is always set to "221-K2".

I don't have a K2, so what do I do now?

Ian, G3NRW

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