[prssr-devel-ml] Re: Memory leak in 1.3.2 beta2

  • From: "Konstantin Taran" <tarank@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: prssr-devel-ml@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Mon, 24 Jul 2006 21:57:41 +0300


I just figured out that I have another software which eats all my memory
during it works..
And such memory leaks are not observed on another device..
Maybe something wrong with my device? Ooops! (The device is after HardReset
and moreover, I have updated its ROM some hours ago..)
No, I'm not using the Today pluging, it is turned off..
I'm looking forward for the special build for testing..
the OPML file is attached..


On 7/17/06, David Andrs <pda@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

The situation on my device: - before the update: 29.80 MB free - after the update: 29.14 MB free

Diff: ~700KB - a part of it is a stack that is taken by OS when an app
is started and it is freed after some time automaticaly by the system.
The rest is probably also stack (it is allocated dynamically according
to process needs). I will test if the memory is really freed after this
night. During the day I'm developing and such tests are not possible.

I'll try to prepare a special version for testing the memory leak to see
what is happening (hope I'll make it today).

Konstantin, do you have the today plugin turned on? If so, please try
the update with today plugin deactivated. Maybe the leak is there.

And I do not know if I asked you, but your OPML file would be
appreciated. I would like to try the memory leak problem with yours.

For others: Could you try to test the memory leak? Both tests with today
plugin activated and deactivated are needed. Report in this thread or to
my mailbox.


PS: Konstantin, keep reporting the memory leak - I have to get rid of
it. The feedback is the most valueable thing for a developer.

Konstantin Taran wrote:
> Hi David!
> First of all, thank you very much for this job and your time, and your
> diligence!
> It's a really pity but somebody have to say it again and again until it
> will
> be fixed.. David, be strong!
> Memory leaks are still here.
> I just saying what I see:
> ...pRSSr is started and never synchronized before - 20.61 Mb of RAM are
> use
> ...update is started
> ...feeds are loading
> ...RAM is wasting (approximately 0.5 Mb of RAM per each cached feed)
> ...after update there are 30.94 Mb are in use
> ...after pRSSr is closed there are 27.57 Mb are in use
> so around of 7 MB are leaked in the result
> (but I should to admit that this situation is better than it was before)
> Regards,
> Konstantin.
> On 7/10/06, David Andrs <pda@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> Greetings to all!
>> New beta is available - http://pda.jasnapaka.com/prssr/beta/
>> Mostly bug fixing relase, 2 features added:
>> 1. Initial load of feeds is moved to the backound thread -> no long
>> waiting on startup. When using Summary View, it shows the number of
>> read/unread only for loaded feeds
>> 2. zlib library. I have to add this library to support gzip
>> Now pRSSreader asks HTTP servers for compressed html files. It saves
>> the amount of transferred bytes (if you are on GPRS you really
>> appreciate this). Furthermore there is an errror in skweezer, which
>> sends uncompressed version corrupted (no accents), but gzipped version
>> is ok.
>> What's New:
>> -ADD: feeds are loaded in the background
>> -ADD: zlib for receiving content in gzipped format (needed for correct
>> working of Skweezer)
>> -FIX: When 'Hide read items' was active, items were displayed after
>> restarting the pRSSreader
>> -FIX: HTML optimalizer -> HTML optimizer (in resources)
>> -FIX: Flag/Unflag message is enabled/disabled according to the
>> (main window context menu)
>> -FIX: bad cells in the formatting table (image and 'cached' text were
>> not aligned)
>> -FIX: crash on generating playlists
>> -FIX: when caching enclosures, there was not a countdown for remaining
>> items
>> -FIX: when enclosure caching is finished, feed items on the main
>> are refresh to reflect result of caching
>> -FIX: Copy URL did not work in CNewsDlg
>> -FIX: When creating new folder in CMoveDirDlg and tapping enter, new
>> folder was not used in destination path
>> -FIX: Update requests are queued when updating
>> -FIX: when moving empty dir -> crash
>> -FIX: .html extension was not added for files with dot (.) in the name
>> -FIX: if site was updated and main window was not foreground window,
>> items were not refreshed
>> -FIX: After marking items read/unread/new/flagged/unflagged selection
>> removed
>> -FIX: ugly memory leak
>> and more...
>> Beta2 is available in all languages (Czech, Dutch, English, French,
>> Spanish). Thanks to all localizators for their prompt work. Need some
>> one to check the French version and let me know if it is ok - YoLoLo
>> (the maintainer of French version) is on vacation, so he is not able to
>> check it.
>> Recently, the UPX (packer for binary executables) was enhanced to
>> support binaries for pocket pc. So, I use it to reduce the size of
>> binaries. Now, pRSSreader should take significantly fewer space then
>> previous versions. So do not be scared that binaries are such small, it
>> is not an error :)
>> Hope this beta will be stable enought. I plan 14 days of
>> testing/bugfixing and if all things will go smoothly, then the official
>> release will come.
>> Konstantin, could you check if the memory leak you've reported is still
>> there? And as you may noticed, a lot of bugs reported by you were fixed
>> too, so please check them again if they are gone. Thanks. The silence
>> means, they are gone :)
>> Enjoy the testing!
>> --
>> David
>> PS: Hope I did not forget for something.
>> --
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