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Do you know if that is a part of their one click installation at DreamHost?


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If anyone needs a Subversion (SVN) server, I can set you up using my hosting service (Dreamhost) where I have hundreds of gigabytes of unused disk space
and terabytes of unused bandwidth per month.  I can install Subversion
easily on a domain hosted especially for you ( for
instance) or I can set up a repository for you on with all of the passwords and the like to keep even me from poking around in your code. If you choose to take my offer of free space and service, while I won't have
the passwords to look at your code, I will be able to delete your entire
repository so you have to promise to be nice to me <laugh>.


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On Fri, 4 Apr 2008, Jeff Bishop wrote:

I noticed that SVN servers are primarly on Unix.  Can you host a SVN
server on a Windows box as well or just the client?

Well, I don't use windows at all; I just use linux...
I know you can  have a client, but not sure how the server

Couldn't you host it on someone else's server?

I haven't set up my own server yet, I hope to. I am wanting to start a
project. So probably will soon, but I have just used a client...

Perhaps using google to find out how you set up the svn server and if its
compatable with windows... And since well its on a web server I guess
since everyone can check out your code I would imagine you could find a
server that would host your svn server for a small cost...
I'm not sure though, I have never done this. Just the client side of
things beats every version control system.
As I said though do do a little research on google. I'm sure there is a
lot of info.

Actually I haven't used that many version control systems, only git and
svn and I know svn is better than cvs... I think they are the main ones...
Good luck,

Daniel Dalton
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