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  • From: Kevin Jones <kevin@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: programmingblind@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sat, 20 Oct 2007 14:54:03 -0500

I've been looking at filedir and really like it. I know people sighted, who have ditched windows explorer for other alternatives many of them more graphical so not so great for screen reader users. What kinds of features beyond eye candy do they offer? How does filedir compare to those. I'm using the latest version of filedir 2.8 July 22 2007. I could have emailed Jamal directly, but since some disgussion of this program has been on this list before, I thought maybe some others could add to this.

So far I thought I'd found a bug
Yesterday when I was playing around filedir wasn't reporting the size of a folder with the shift-s command, today it is correctly. Yesterday it seemed that pressing home in a folder wasn't selecting the top item, it is now. Today, I can't right click on a selected file, I thought that worked yesterday. By the way, windows explorer will not tell you the size of a folder unless it's open.
so that's a nice bonus with filedir.

Things I would ilke to see in future versions, that might pertain to the programming list. It would be nice if filedir could store multiple ftp account sites like a full ftp client.

Would be nice if filedir supported sftp and scp protocols.

I think a tree view should be at least an option like in windows explorer, currently there's no automatic way to see your drives without going to the ctrl-g window. I know some users hate tree views so it could be turned on in a view menu
Maybe icons for partially sighted users.

When transfering files, if the folder already exists, it should be kept and not even prompted. Files should only be copied of newer unless some user option set it to prompt or overwrite. Something in the status bar telling time left would be nice, also a speed of transfer would be nice. Maybe even a nice complete sound like used in the studio recorder program if the operation took say over 5 seconds.

A file viewer turned on maybe in the view menu, something like in os 10 leopard. Basically filedir could automatically display in another payne could press tab to get to it, the first screen of a txt rtf etc. file, maybe you could browse the file with page up down arrows home end and maybe a simple find command. In leopard it can even preview audio and video files, not so sure filedir should be able to do that. I know the file atribute is displayed in filedir, it's very nice, but there might be some users who would like to not see hidden files at all, maybe another item in the view menu.

Would be cool if filedir could steal the windows e command away from windows explorer, or take over when user pressed windows-r and entered c:

Maybe a warning if filedir opens a drive that has less than x percent free definable by the user maybe 10% by default.

a simular command that edsharp has to compile the currently selected file or run a script. this way the default could be to open the source code in your favorite editer but say f5 would compile and/or run it.
The errors etc. could be displayed in that viewer I talked about earlier.

Maybe there some day would have to be a filedir pro for some of these, I just thought I'd share what I've been thinking.
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