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  • From: Kevin Jones <kevin@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: programmingblind@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sun, 21 Oct 2007 13:51:20 -0500

some thoughts about Jamal's message

An option in the FileDir program group of the Windows Start Menu causes
FileDir to automatically be used when opening a directory from the
Windows Start/Run prompt or equivalent.  This also causes FileDir to be
opened for zip archives.
That startmenu option is nice, but it doesn't work when pressing windows-e IT also doesn't work with executor an alternative to the windows run dialog, but that can I think be easily fixed within executor.
that is at
anyone who likes Jamals program will like this one also.
The send to text editer and word processor and the wildcard and text searching features in filedir are truly appreciated.

Copy and Move commands prompt whether to override an existing file, or
whether to do so based on a date comparison.  One also is informed
whether files with the same names are different in size.  One can tell
FileDir to make the same decision for all subsequent files with the same
names within the processing of a batch copy or move.  The FTP Get, Web
Download, and Unzip commands do not compare file names -- they just
overwrite.  I've thought of implementing the same comparison dialog, but
it's quite a bit of coding and haven't gotten to it.  Personally, I
generally want the source files to overwrite the same targets in these
situations.  If this is a concern, I suggest transfering to a new
folder, and then doing a copy or move to another folder that may include
similar targets.
Do these copying functions work when using ctrl c or only with the filedir specific copy command.
Would be cool if the user could define those options and not be prompted.

the Open Drive command, Alt+Shift+O, lists all drives in a standard
listbox.  Any command that presents the dialog to specify a directory
includes a Browse button that invokes the standard Windows Browse for
Folder dialog, which includes a treeview.
I really like that open drive command.
The floppy drive doesnt even hold things up when empty like it does in a treeview.
Thanks for your hard work. I hope many users are using filedir.

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