Re: accessible bios setup:thoughts?

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hmmm, and it pops up again!

a long time back my first comp had windows 311, and then win 95,jaws 3.1, jaws for dos, and an external doubletalk lt synthesizer on it, and I found that I could read the bios when it was brought up from the jaws for dos and the synthesizer. seemed that the bios used the onboard autoexect.bat and/or the config.sys files when it booted or at least ran them since this is where the entries for the jaws for dos were kept back then, and I believe the synthesizer was as well.

you might try digging heavily into how the bios operates in newer computers and see what you can find out along those lines.

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Hello all:
I will be getting a desktop in the near future and I want to be able to work my way through the bios and configure everything like I want (raid, etc). Have any of you found a way that can be used for someone across the net to work with you? I have a friend who said he would help, and I could point the webcam at the screen, but that's really hard if not impossible to read from the glow of the screen. Are there other solutions? I have a male - male VGA port setup. Could I possibly somehow set it up to stream the video from the computer to something that I could transmit across the net? this sounds like a cool little project, I'm just not sure where to begin. I'd think Linux would be a lot easier to write this for.



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