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Back in 1992 I had an Acer desktop that when you held the right keys in it
sent the video to a lite talk speech box.  It was crappy it couldn't review
but I could do everything in bios.  Since then there was the Azus talking
mother board that flopped because we shot ourselves in the foot.  Rather
than being happy with crappyy access we jumped them and told them everything
they were doing wrong.  Rather than fix it they dumped the board 

Now If you're looking for a possibility which is why you wrote I *GRIN*
There is one thing that might be able to do the trick.  Intel has a power
saving board that the bios is supposed to be controllable from the network.
In fact my brother controls almost 2000 computers this way.  You are
supposed to be able to put them into power saving mode remotely and change
all bios settings remotely.  The problem I see is I am not sure the remote
software is accessible and have no way of finding out.  I will give it a
shot finding which mother boards has this technology but I figure you have
more time to hunt them down than me so I am giving you what little I know
off the top of my head.  The little is just that it's an Intel network
management power saving feature.  Good luck.


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Hello all:
I will be getting a desktop in the near future and I want to be able to 
work my way through the bios and configure everything like I want (raid, 
Have any of you found a way that can be used for someone across the net 
to work with you? I have a friend who said he would help, and I could 
point the webcam at the screen, but that's really hard if not impossible 
to read from the glow of the screen. Are there other solutions?
I have a male - male VGA port setup. Could I possibly somehow set it up 
to stream the video from the computer to something that I could transmit 
across the net? this sounds like a cool little project, I'm just not 
sure where to begin. I'd think Linux would be a lot easier to write this 



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