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Hi Celia,
I'm very proud of you for recognizing that your earlier teacher felt sorry for 
you and didn't think you could do this stuff. You absolutely can do it. Once 
you get it done, go and show your work to your former teacher. And from now on, 
don't let anyone talk you into settling for less than you know you can do. And 
if you need support, you just call me and I'll encourage you. Pitty is equal to 
or greater than racism. We don't need it, and what's even worse, we don't need 
to pitty ourselves. That's like dying alive. Here's my number. 412-544-1810.

Thanks people for letting me rant.

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            Hi Celia,
I admire you for recognizing that your teacher felt sorry for you and didn't 
make you do that work. Now, you need to go back to him or her once you learn 
this thing and show them that you can do it. Thank you so very much....
God bless

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Found these step by step guides for SilverLight that might be helpful.
On Tue, May 31, 2011 at 8:34 AM, Celia Rodriguez 
<celia-rodriguez@xxxxxxxxxxxxx<mailto:celia-rodriguez@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>> wrote:
Hi all,

I am sure you all have much better things to do and are very busy.  I have
only one request.
I am to start a summer class in July and I have a little problem.  The last
C# classI took touch very little on WPF and I didn't even have to work on
that program because my teacher thought I could not do it.
Well my next teacher does expect me to know something about silver light and
WPf.  I want to do this.
Can someone if , you have the time point me in the right direction.  I want
to be able to wright a program as simple as enter your name and WRITE IT TO
A DATA BASE OR FILE.            Unfortunally I know nothing about this.  I
do't even knowwhere to begin.  I know I am asking for too much.  I have read
about silver light and WPf, but I still don't know where to begin.
If anyone has a little spare time can you help.
I really would not like to , be honest, sound stupid at the beginning of the
Especially when I found that my teachers treat me different because I can't
I want to be able to pull my weight in this class.  So I have one month to
learn all about silver light and

In advance thank you all that can help .


I really would like to create my own little system  before I start class.  I
know I am asking for too much.  But I aim high.

Currently I have VS10.

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