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I agree with what everybody says on this subject.  Anyone who thinks that we 
can't do something in programming due to our site is stupid, and they should be 

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Thank you so very much....
God bless

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Found these step by step guides for SilverLight that might be helpful.
On Tue, May 31, 2011 at 8:34 AM, Celia Rodriguez 
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Hi all,

I am sure you all have much better things to do and are very busy.  I have
only one request.
I am to start a summer class in July and I have a little problem.  The last
C# classI took touch very little on WPF and I didn't even have to work on
that program because my teacher thought I could not do it.
Well my next teacher does expect me to know something about silver light and
WPf.  I want to do this.
Can someone if , you have the time point me in the right direction.  I want
to be able to wright a program as simple as enter your name and WRITE IT TO
A DATA BASE OR FILE.            Unfortunally I know nothing about this.  I
do't even knowwhere to begin.  I know I am asking for too much.  I have read
about silver light and WPf, but I still don't know where to begin.
If anyone has a little spare time can you help.
I really would not like to , be honest, sound stupid at the beginning of the
Especially when I found that my teachers treat me different because I can't
I want to be able to pull my weight in this class.  So I have one month to
learn all about silver light and

In advance thank you all that can help .


I really would like to create my own little system  before I start class.  I
know I am asking for too much.  But I aim high.

Currently I have VS10.

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