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Hi Susie

SAP is a large suite of programs that do database management with
different orientations for different business functions.

Put SAP into the search engine of your choice to get started or put
SAP accessibility into the search engine and see what comes up.

Do you know what modules of SAP are to be adopted in your office?

SAP and Crystal Reports are separate independently developed products
from different vendors. Crystal Reports is a report writing program
that can interface with a variety of databases. Frequently the data
used for report-writing functions has been cleaned, standardized,
restructured from transaction databases to support specific report

There is a lot more that could be said, but is this enough to start?


Dorene Cornwell
Seattle WA

On 9/7/11, Steve Jacobson <steve.jacobson@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Susie,
> The "SAP" I have heard of is a huge software solution that is used to run a
> business.  It basically is intended to replace many of the functions that
> has
> traditionally been handled by in-house software to handle ordering products,
> billing, inventory, sales reporting, and even some HR applications.  If this
> is
> what you are talking about, there are many different parts to it and it is
> hard to say whether it is accessible or not accessible.  Some of how data is
> retrieved
> is handled by SQL, for example.  If your agency is converting to SAP, it is
> necessary to understand what exactly they are converting.
> Best regards,
> Steve Jacobson
> On Wed, 7 Sep 2011 19:46:11 +0000, Katherine Moss wrote:
>>I think it's where Chrystal reports comes from.
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>>only heard the initials.
>>they use it at monsanto as well.
>>Bryan Schulz
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>>Hi Listers,
>>Here at the U S D A they have decided to develop code with S A P. This is a
>> German company. That is all I know about it. Have any of you had any
> experience with this?
>>Susie Stanzel
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