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You know you might even be able to fix this by removing the ruby scripts if
you need to.  Jaws does not lock up I am betting they  used to have to
silent Jaws when you run ruby open book.


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  Ruby for Windows

has a console and GUI mode version of the interpreter, ruby.exe and 
rubyw.exe, respectively.  Due to an apparent JAWS bug, the console 
version locks up when run with JAWS at a command prompt.  This does not 
happen with Window-Eyes or NVDA.

I found a work-around by running a batch file instead of the executable 
directly.  It is called rubyc.bat (a suffix of c as opposed to w).  The 
content is simply the following:

@echo off
ruby.exe %*

You can copy rubyc.bat to the same bin subdirectory where ruby.exe, 
rubyw.exe, irb.bat, and gem.bat reside.  I have now also included the 
file in the archive of the Ruby fruit basket program

If anyone figures out a way to fix JAWS so this is not necessary, I am 
still interested in that, too.


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