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  • From: "QuentinC" <quentinc@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sun, 12 Dec 2010 09:10:47 +0100

what problem do you have with visual studio?
I am using on a daily basis, with out scripts and al is ok.
I am using the express edition, o f visual studio 2008 and all is fine.
So, what is your problem with it?

I said that I didn't want to re-open a old troll on that subject, but I will just answer your question.

In general, I don't like big IDE: edition is slow, accessing compilation errors etc is not very practical (you can't easily copy them etc), dialogs aren't always very well accessibles, ... I generally prefer notepad and command-line approach.

but in addition, visual studio C# 2008 express really annoyed me for a stupid thing: you open it, create a new project, and start editing. OK. You just begin to write x =. I didn't finished to write this, that the very stupid VS immediately pop-up a message telling that the variable x is undefined. Yes I know, stupid VS, I'm just beginning to write a new code, it's not time to compile now. The most wonderful story about that stupid pop-up is that after escaping it, you do of course not go back to the editor. Obliged to use jaws cursor and click manually to continue. And that, everytime. That's really a stupid behavior, and the best is that it is completely inaccessible. And of course I haven't found where to disable that stupid thing. Anyway: one can't really say that C# is multiplateform, even if a buggy C# runtime exists on linux.

If python hadn't that stupid indentation obligation, I would probably already started to learn it. It don't seem to be hard to learn.

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