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I believe ESpeak has a speech API, and it is open source, free and cross 
platform written in C. It also satisfies what you have listed in your message.  
Take a look to its website:

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  pyTts is the closest but you need to use python to be able to really take
  advantage of it.


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  Hello everybody,
  I would like to know if somebody knows of a trully cross platform API to 
  make simple speech. I don't find what I want on google.
  Some months ago there was saytool, but I believe that it is only for windows

  (correct me if I'm wrong)

  I need only one thing in fact : say a particular string, with ability to 
  choose if it should do it interruptibly or not, that is, if it has to stop 
  all previous speech before saying the specified string or not. The thing 
  must respond fast enough to be used in a gam
  Of course, if we can do more (set volume/rate/pitch/change voice/select 
  language/record to buffer, etc.) it is even cooler ! but it is not strictly 
  required right now.

  The best would be to
  1. Detect if a popular screen reader (like jaws/NVDA/windows eye on windows,

  voice over on mac, etc.) is running, and use it if possible
  2. Else detect if a speech synthesizer alone is present (eloquence, espeak, 
  etc.), and use it if possible, and if it is of course not illegal (thinking 
  about recent eloquence discussions)
  3. IF all that isn't possible, try a general fallback mechanism (like SAPI 
  on windows, speech dispatcher on linux, etc.)

  IF such an API doesn't yet exist, I would be happy to collaborate in making 
  it if I can be useful (ony in windows side). I find that important because 
  there are now many cross platforms APIs for many things but not for speech. 
  It could be interesting to accessibilize applications via plugins, make 
  audio games, or other tings...
  The best language to do that is probably C/C++ or even only C, because it is

  the universal language. From C you can afterwards add bindings to other 
  languages (java, python, C#, etc.). I love java but that's not a problem.

  Please let know what you think and share links if you have.
  Thank you.

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