RE: Concern about the latest Window Eyes scripting move

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Typically, I agree with Ken on such matters but when it comes to programming
languages, I am entirely pro-choice.  The approach GW has taken means the
language used at any shop where blind people may work will probably be
usable with WE which means many more scripts and, therefore support for
difficult applications, can be whipped out far more quickly.


I do agree that GW should start something like a semi-anonymous  review
board for scripts that assembles a gang of volunteer hackers who can review
source code for security breaches and such.  I do not accept the thought of
restricting the objects one can use as the possibilities with this new
extensibility model are enormous and being able to experiment with Direct
Sound and other really cool API from within a script will make the API for
things like Second Life and other programs/sites difficult to find 1D
semantic representations possible.


I have a strong feeling that Will and I will be spending some time diddling
around with the new GW stuff just to kick the tires and give it a drive
around the block to see what we can actually do.  


I'm opposed to restrictions on screen reader extensions that are not also
artificially imposed on everyone else.




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 Well this is true depending on how they did it.  For example they can limit
the objects a person can use no matter the language so if I only allow you
to use System and System.Windows.Forms then that is it.  They most likely
did not limit people so what will have to happen is people will either have
to reject any scripts that are not open source or we will have to have a
page to go to where tested and approved scripts are.


I think this is going to cause other problems as well.  It sounds great that
you can code in any language but the problem with being able to code in
anything is there will not be any one support for the scripting language.
Think of how much trouble people are having coding Jaws scripts when they
get started.  Now they have added the decision of which language and made it
so you don't have one unified group to help you access the objects they give
you.  True that if you know a language and know how to use com in that
language it is a simple reading of the objects Window-eyes provides but most
scripts are not wrote by professional coders they are wrote by people who
need to be able to use a program that doesn't work.  Now it will take more
for these people to find support in what ever they choose to use if they can
find support.  It will be interesting to see how they support their


If I was them I would say that GW micro as a whole supports VB and C# but
you can code in anything.  Then they should put up a page that takes just
those two languages and supports them as well as they can.  Further more
they should force authors of the code to submit the code if they want the
scripts on their page.  This would allow people to still sell scripts they
just couldn't have it up on GW's page.





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Subject: Concern about the latest Window Eyes scripting move

Once I got over the initial shock and amazement at GWMicro's decision to
make Window Eyes scriptable.  Especially in such a powerful way as to let it
be scriptable with many different scripting languages, I began to think.
Would that not also open Window Eyes and Windows up to a whole new world of
script based viruses?  VBScript and Java Script are after all 2 of the
languages that have that sort of power.  It just concerns me a bit that in
GWMicro's rush to become the top screen reader, that they may have actually
open the flood gates a bit too wide.

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