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Glad to see you on the list! As far as UML diagrams, this topic has been raised 
a few times on the list; so, there may be solutions I haven't heard of that 
have come out of these discussions. However, for the most part, my experience 
has been that tools like Visio and Argo are not accessible. I have had some 
success in creating sequence diagrams using a tool called Event Studio. The 
diagram definition files are just regular text files and Event Studio can 
produce the diagrams in either PDF or Word format. I have been able to create 
some fairly complex sequence diagrams for project documentation packages. 
However, diagrams such as class diagrams or interface diagrams can be more 
challenging to produce.

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I am taking a C# class.  Is anyone familiar with Visual Studio 2008?  Can 
anyone give me a quick tour of the Visual Studio environment?  Does anyone know 
how I can create UML Diagrams in argo or Visio?    I guess what I want to know 
is how can a total visually impaired person create UML diagram?
Thanks to anyone who can help me.

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