RE: Are Oracle SQL Developer and or TOAD accessible?

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Many years back we investigated the accessibility of TOAD and found it to be
somewhat lacking.  Unfortunately QuestSoft were not all that interested in
the access issues and basically told us to go away.  As for SQLDeveloper...
alas we found it to be just as woeful, well at least the first release was.
I'd be more than interested to see up-to-date feedback on the accessibility
of these two applications as it would certainly make my life easier - like
SQL*Plus is reasonable but after tickling with it for extended periods of a
day the thing gets tedious.






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Hello all,

    I've been working on PL.SQL.  After I do the coding, I've been passing
it on to another person for compilation and testing.  I wish to do this
myself.  Our shop has both Oracle SQL Developer and TOAD.  Are these
packages accessible?  Which is the easiest to work with and  or learn?

    Thanks, John

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