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Sean Wilson <whoooo26505@xxxxxxxxx> posted How Notes Are Graded:

 Notes are graded on the following criteria:

 1. Whether you have notes for each and every lecture

 2. Whether they clearly indicate the existence of each lecture. If I have to 
read chicken scratch to guess whether a page belongs to one or another lecture, 
or to guess whether you have notes for a particular day, points are deducted. 
All you have to do to comply is to clearly indicate the beginning of one 
session with the ending of the next. An easy way to do this is to draw a line 
and indicate the number of the lecture, as in:

Lecture 5

3. How thorough the notes are in accounting for the material. This is a 
standard and not a rule. As long as the notes are reasonable in thoroughness, 
that's all you need. The point is not to ask for shorthand or transcripts. The 
point is only to catch people who really aren't paying attention very well or 
who are faking it. So long as the notes are reasonable in catching what 
transpires in the class, they will be okay.

 If you are "good" on 1-3, you get an A. If you have some issues on 1-3, you'll 
be down-graded to B status. If you have major issues on 1-3, you are looking at 
a C. If you don't have notes, you get an F. If you have extremely pathetic 
notes, you get a D.

 In general, grading notes helps your year-end grades. It almost universally 
helps instead of hurts a course grade. It especially helps kids who do poorly 
on exams, but who are present and trying. If you are an A student on exams, 
however, I won't let B-notes bring your average down. You get an exemption.

 Regards and thanks

 Dr. Sean Wilson, Esq.

To: Sean Wilson <whoooo26505@xxxxxxxxx>
Sent: Tue, March 16, 2010 7:33:09 PM
Subject: Re: ? for PLS 200 Spring 2010

Professor Wilson,
Just one more question regarding the notes. How are our notes graded? I 
understand they are 17% of the course grade and that we will turn them in with 
our exams, but is there something within the notes you are specifically looking 
for? Is it just merely a completion grade or is it actually based on the amount 
of material within the notes from each lecture?
Thanks once again for helping me understand.


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