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Sean Wilson (Unregistered) replied to How Notes Are Graded:

 ... a couple of things:

 1. Yes, by all means you can supplement your notes from the online sources. 
Indeed, you are encouraged to do so. It can improve your notes grade, 
especially in cases where you miss class.

 2. I would never adopt a strategy that called for doing notes completely 
outside of class. Inasmuch as attendance is required and graded, it makes the 
most sense to take notes in class, and to supplement them when necessary.

 3. Also, please note that I am NOT posting audio to the web; I'll be posting 
the audio and slide show mixed into a flash movie. The PowerPoint presentation 
and my voice will appear as it does in class. If you check around on my 
website, you will see these things here and there. (I'll also be posting just 
the slides)

 Regards and thanks,


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