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Sean Wilson (Unregistered) posted Buying Textbook Chapters Online:

 Students can save money buying textbook chapters online. Instead of purchasing 
the book, you can purchase each chapter assigned in your class from the 
following web page: 
(The link to this page is also available at your course website).

 To order the chapters online, simply do the following. (1) look at the 
syllabus to see the chapters assigned for the course. (2) Go to the 
above-listed site and order each chapter. The chapters will be available for 
you to view online and to print ONCE. You only get one print. Please note that 
you don't need to buy every chapter at once. You can wait until you need to 
read it. (However, I wouldn't wait until the last minute. You have to download 
software to view the chapters, and one never knows if technical difficulties 
will arise),

 You can also purchase an ebook version or rent the text from the same website.

 Whether you want to do this versus buying the book at the bookstore is a 
personal choice. Some may want to have the physical text, because they have it 
all of the time. You can also sell the physical text back. You don't get any 
money back for viewing chapters online.

 Regards and thanks.

 Dr. Sean Wilson, Esq.


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