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Sean Wilson (Unregistered) posted How to Use DocStoc:

 ... Registering with DocStoc is simple. Whenever you try to download something 
from my website (e.g., the syllabus), it will take you to the registration 
page. There, it will ask you to create a new account wherein you provide a 
username and password. After that, you're in. So don't worry about it until you 
try to download something. A good example is the syllabus. If you want to 
download it instead of just viewing it, you click the orange download button in 
the upper right hand corner of the box. That should take you to the 
registration page (if it's your first time). Once you are registered, the 
orange button will download it directly, without the extra step.

 Regards and thanks

Dr. Sean Wilson, Esq.
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I am not fimiluar with Doc Stoc. How do you go about registering?Is there a a 
website I must goto? Thank you for your time


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