[photodesk] Re: New Photodesk 3.10 and the old TWAIN problem

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  • Date: Fri, 28 Jan 2011 08:09:37 GMT

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          Chris Shepheard <chris.shepheard@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> I've just received my copy of PD 3.10 and thought I'd see if it had
> cured the long standing problem with scanning images directly into the
> program using the inbuilt TWAIN interface.

> I talked to Chris Evans when I ordered the new version and he told me
> this area hadn't been looked at yet as the developers cannot reproduce
> the problem. But I thought I'd give it a go just in case.

> Well nothing has changed on this system and, although the scan goes
> OK, the program crashes when the image is transferred to the PD
> clipboard. Strangely though if you clear all the error messages the
> scan is really there and on re-starting PD it offers to keep the
> recovered image which will then usually open OK.

> Chris tells me that this problem affects a few people and I thought
> I'd try to see where the problem lies. In clearing the error boxes one
> reports a memory location which appears (from *WHERE) to be in the
> BASIC V module.

> On checking I find that I am running version 1.20 (15 Sep 1999).
> Looking at the module database, the version that's built into the RO
> 4.02 ROM should be 1.19 and I just wonder if this might be something
> to do with the problem. Checking !Boot I find that the ROM version is
> replaced by one of the RO4 patches.

> Now the questions... If anybody else reading this is experiencing
> similar problems please can they report what RO version they're
> running and what version of BASIC, please.

> I may be clutching at straws but it would be really good to nail this
> bug. I use PD on a weekly basis and currently I'm having to scan
> images with David Pilling's excellent !DPlngScan and transfer them to
> PD before working on them. It is a time wasting chore that I could
> well do without.

> In hope of an early solution,
> Chris

When running !Photodesk 3.10, if I allow the TwainPDIF module (v0.11) 
to load in the !PhotoDesk.!Run file, Photodesk and the whole Iyonix PC 
using RISC OS 5.16 will crash and lock solid shortly afterwards.
This has only started to happen since the TwainPDIF module was 
32-bitted.  My version of BASIC V is 1.44

As you appear to be using RISC OS 4.02, can't you just use an old 
v0.10 26-bit version of the TwainPDIF module to cure your problems?

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