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Long ...low bow

Linda, well said!

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On Sun, 28 Jul 2002 19:51:32 -0400, Linda F. Johnson wrote:
>Nobody told the users of incredimail to change, Darryl.  People were
>just saying that they are deleting the mail cuz they can't read it
>becuz of the garbage in it....personally, I just wade thru the
>garbage and find the text...it's really not THAT hard
>But, the easiest solution for EVERYONE is to send their mail in
>plain text  (not just incredimail users...this happens in my own
>freelists group when people are using Outlook html mail...it's not
>incredimail, it's the html that freelists' server can't interpret)
>And don't be so hard on freelists....Yahoo's servers are obviously
>more sophisticated than freelists....cuz Yahoo's got the big bucks
>and freelists doesn't.....which makes freelists even more
>impressive, in my opinion....if you are still in any other yahoo
>groups, I'm sure you must see members constantly complaining that
>they aren't getting mail or that yahoogroups keeps bouncing their
>posts.....don't you think it's nice that freelists doesn't do this
>and cares when we have problems?....unfortunately, freelists is made
>up of volunteers....its not big business like yahoo, so we have to
>make some compromises....like we settle for a little less
>sophistication in the servers, but get MUCH more reliability in the
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>Why is it the users of incredimails problem, when the problem didnt
>exist until freelist ?? Why should they have to change because
>freelist cant do the conversion of html for incredimail properly .
>What next with another email program, we should stop product X when
>we find freelist cant the conversion on something else right, heck
>lets all use the same email program, problem solved
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