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  • From: "Darryl" <minoddy@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <pctechtalk@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 29 Jul 2002 10:19:57 +1000

> Nobody told the users of incredimail to change, Darryl.  People were
> just saying that they are deleting the mail cuz they can't read it becuz
> of the garbage in it....personally, I just wade thru the garbage and
> find the text...it's really not THAT hard

Yeah i know they wernt blatently told, to change, but i found it rude to
find a moderator say :

You (and others) need do nothing to continue the fine membership here <G>
We took care of subscribing you to freelists.   There's just two things I
wish I could get accomplished:

1)  Get people to stop posting to Yahoo
2)  Get people to STOP USING INCREDIMAIL!!

Maybe it's my Poco program, but all the posts from Incredimail users are
jumbled up and very hard to read.  I'm getting so I just delete them rather
than spend the time to decifer them.
(End Quote)

What does that say to you, well to me it says, heck i better not use
incredimail as i know one person who wont read my emails

Here is another
I will second the motion on INCREDULOUSMAIL, I can not be bothered trying to
decipher messages from it's users.
(End Quote)

That now makes 2 that have stated, they wont bother trying to help an
Incredimail user out, as they will delete the emials instead of trying to
read in between the crap text, which seriously, isnt that, if your eyes are
that bad you cant make out the legit text in it, dont share the road with me

> But, the easiest solution for EVERYONE is to send their mail in plain
> text  (not just incredimail users...this happens in my own freelists
> group when people are using Outlook html mail...it's not incredimail,
> it's the html that freelists' server can't interpret)

I wish they would, I agree send plain tex, because some peoples choices of
whats surposed to look groovey actually looks quite crap. If  remember
correctly when whomever it was trying to get their important court documents
back and the weird text showed up her emails, it was said freelist cant do
the html conversion correclty, I was under the impression that it was only
incredimail, as up until now no one made it look like it was any other email
program and I would be curious why they changed from incredimail ?????? just
so they know they will have their emails read and not just plain deleted
because someone doesnt feel like ignoring the extra characters ??

> And don't be so hard on freelists....

I wasnt, I was just saying why should incredimail people feel they have to
change etc, because it has been put into the public that their emails may
not be read


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