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Hi Suzanne,
    I really appreciate hearing of your first hand experience with it and I 
agree that toolbars and similar measures might be great for the initial 
purge, but should be removed shortly after the system has been cleaned.

    So far, my experience has been that the newer ones are becoming too 
bloated.  The more technically advanced the nasties get, the more stuff they 
add to the utilities that fight them.  The biggest problem with that is that 
the extra bloat bogs down our computers almost as much as the stuff they're 
supposed to protect us from.         :0(

"The only dumb questions are the ones we fail to ask!"

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> had a really nasty laptop this week, full of trojans & scumware.  Spyware
> Terminator took care of most of them, so I was duly impressed.  it has a
> add-in piece [Crawler] that adds a tool bar to IE and also notifies you of
> just about every incoming or outgoing process... I only turn that on when 
> I
> first loaded the software, uninstalling when I was finished, as it can get
> quite annoying.
> would be interested in what you come up with G.
> ~s 

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