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  • Date: Sun, 17 Feb 2008 12:37:23 -0600

Thank you Steve, for the testing and report.  Will await, breathlessly :-),
for your next report and the one from G.
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> Sandi
> I put terminator on super on my windows hard drive last night.   Put
> terminator on first updated and ran it.  It found 200+ threats.  After
> checking the list I found 3 that I did not consider threats so I moved
> them
> to the safe area.  Checking the safe area I found one I didn't want there,
> the crawler, so I removed that, Next went to the unknown area where there
> were 5 items. calender, post it, one of the zone alarms things.  and a
> couple of others moved them to the safe area.
>  I should tell you I installed this without the crawler tool bar.
> Next did super, it found 24 threats.  checked and removed them.
> Just for ha-has I ran Adawre (free) next, it found one item, AVG
> anti-spyware (free) found nothing and spybot S&D which found nothing also.
>  Right now I have terminator running real time. Doesn't seem to be eating
> up to much ram. I'll run it for a week and let you know.
> Steve

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