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I have not tried Google Chat.  I'm not a real personal chat fan.  Besides, 
everytime I have logged into gmail, the chat has always been having 
technical difficulties and I should try again later.

That said, I can't imagine that 2 different implementations of the same 
technology would be very much different from each other.  And that goes for 
both Chat and Remote Access.

I *am* a tech support chat fan.  It is always FAR superior to voice calls. 
The wait is almost never more than ten minutes.  And you can always check 
email or play FreeCell while you wait.  Plus, even though the English and 
the grammar might be a bit off, you can still understand it without having 
to cut through a heavy Asian accent or having them repeat themselves 
fourteen times.  On the phone, 3 seconds after you put the phone down to go 
to the bathroom, the tech picks up.  In chat there is always a lag time 
while a response is being typed so you have time for a quick relief without 
having to call back and go through the menus and wait on hold again.


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> Don,
>    Intriguing thought you've got there!  Do you have any idea if the Gmail
> chat interface works the same way as those customer service chats?
> Peace,
> G

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