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See, that wasn't so bad after all, was it?  (and I hope that didn't sound 
like I'm patronizing you)         :O)

Ok, other than the MRU entry, it's not controlled by anything in there.  You 
located and opened it (which is a scary prospect in my book.  I may need to 
digress again) and a not so scary, but unknown program that makes remote 
connections presented itself.

I did a search for the Default.rdp file and found that it's related to 
making a standard Remote Desktop Connection.  Have you done that with 
another system over the internet?  Even if you have, I can find no online 
connection between that icon and "PC Remote Control.exe", even though they 
appear to be similar in nature and your icon is linked to it as a filetype. 
The filetype association doesn't really tell us anything because you can 
associate almost ANY extension with ANY program and Windows wouldn't balk at 
the change.  I could associate all of your TXT files with a virus and 
Windows will say, "Duhhh, OK".    :)

So, my next question is about what you used to analyze the file on your C 
Drive.  Is that a function of your AV, firewall or something like that?  I'm 
also interested in knowing if you're running any program that could be 
considered as a server where another system can connect directly to yours 
over the internet without going through Remote Desktop Connection.

I'm just about at the point where I'm ready to declare that this seems to 
pose no threat and is probably an actual part of a program you installed at 
some point.  I just want to cover all of the bases before we call it a wrap.



"The only dumb questions are the ones we fail to ask!"

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>I just finished looking around in the Registry and I want to thank you for
> taking away the aura of mystery and awe that has always been associated 
> (by
> me) with The Registry.
> I did the F3 search until it said I had reached the end.  I only found 
> Open
> Save MRU and in the right pane was ab in a little box with an e after it
> and it said REG-SZ    C\PC Remote Control.exe.  It also noted my analysis
> which I previously sent and it is in My Documents folder.  Also noted
> Default.rdp in My Documents.
> I had not mentioned before that also in My Documents is an icon titled
> Default.rdp.  A right click and properties showed it was created Feb. 
> 2008,
> 0 bytes,Type Remote Desktop Connection, attributes hidden.  The icon is a
> little dish with monitor slightly overlapping.
> I do not recall how that icon got in My Documents but when I opened it, it
> seems to be just that: an accessory to connect to a remote computer.
> And I did run an AVG virus scan and AVG AntiSpyware scan over this little
> icon and no threats found.
> Sandi
> P.S.  I know the above message is a bit convoluted but I hope it makes a
> little sense. 

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