[pasmembers] Re: Homework for Sept 20 2014 Night Sky Training Session

  • From: Terri <starstuff@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: PAS Members ListServ <pasmembers@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 18 Sep 2014 14:05:48 -0700

I'm collecting the homework for Saturday's event.

Here's what we will do. I will format it tomorrow and send it out by email
to everyone attending Saturday's event, or who have supplied their homework
assignment to me. This way we all benefit from the research done by the
Then, Saturday at the event, after the initial stuff we normally do, and
after viewing anything that is bright in the sky, moon, planets, etc. we
will then turn to these objects on the list. And what I'd like to have each
of you do, is pick from your list, one of the items you wish to show
through your scope and show everyone how to get there. I can help you with
the star hopping part of this task.

So, let's say that Kevin chooses to do M31. Several others may also choose
that object. We will talk about the data collected by the class attendees,
like a GET TO KNOW Andromeda... and we will view ti through that person's
scope and then star hop to it. Right now, we have a small class, so i'm
guessing that it will be easy to have each of us lead the way to one object
from our homework list. One object, you chose... so you won't be doing
Hercules Globular cluster if it wasn't on your homework assignment you
submitted to me.  I'd like to view everything on the list and it can be
through all scopes, or just the one who picked it, or maybe we can have
Eric, if he attends, show us all of them, through his scope, after the
original class member shows it through theirs.
It would benefit everyone if they would do the star hopping to find the
objects we are sharing on this night. So, if we look for Perseus Double
Cluster, and Don put it on his homework, then we will share the data about
it, and hopefully learn more about each object as we go through the class.

Now for those of you who want to be sure to pick your favorite object of
the 3 you sent me, go ahead and *sign up for one of the objects on your
list via return email to this message. *

Just put in your email

Don Boyd: Hercules Globular Cluster

and i will mark that as *the object you find *when it is your turn to find
your object, and we will all share the info we discovered about the object
and maybe Eric, if he is there, will show us it in his scope before we move
on to the next object (I randomly picked an object we are all familiar
with, i don't' know if it is visible this night, it was just an example).

So, send your object now. And if someone grabs your object before you do,
(read through the replies to the list serv) then chose one of your other
objects to share that night.  One class member per object, please.

This is exciting. I'm very much looking forward to Saturday's event.

Let's learn a bunch of stuff. And we will have a few newbies there, and a
few folk without telescopes, and they can just view the objects between the
different scopes. This is a PAS Members Only event. No guests. Welcome

Terri, Event Coordinator

On Wed, Sep 17, 2014 at 7:51 PM, Pete Turner <peteturner@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> As a newbie, I'm just hoping to be able to view some of the following:
>  - Start with Ruchbah variable star in Cassiop‚Äčeia - magnitude 2.65, 99LY
>  - then to  NGC 457 (Dragonfly Cluster), magnitude 6.4, 7,900LY
>  - move on to NGC 281, Cluster associated with nebulosity, magnitude 7.0
>  - finally to M31, Andromeda magnitude 3.5, 2.5 million LY
> *Pete Turner*
> MaidPro North Phoenix
> 602.765.1964
> www.maidpro.com/phoenix-north
> On Wed, Sep 17, 2014 at 6:35 PM, Kevin Witts <kjwitts@xxxxxxx> wrote:
>> Homework for Saturday
>> If I'm there, I'll look for these:
>> Vega - Double star in Lyra - 25 LY from earth - Northern sky at 7:34
>> M8 Lagoon nebula - In Sagittari - 5000 LY away - Western sky 8:30
>> NGC 7000 - Nebula in Cygnus  -  SW sky at 8:30
>> On Sep 17, 2014, at 6:16 PM, Howard Moneta <hmoneta@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> Homework:
>> Going to be looking for these on Saturday.
>> M27
>> M57
>> NGC6543
>> On Sep 16, 2014 2:03 PM, "Terri" <starstuff@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>>> Good Morning PAS Members,
>>> If you plan to attend the NSTS, I need your homework by tomorrow,
>>> anytime tomorrow, but by tomorrow, Wednesday Sept 17, so i have time to
>>> assemble the homework page and format it and send it to you in time to
>>> print it out for the class on Saturday. Even if we don't do the class, if
>>> you do your homework, you can send it over, and i can include it in the
>>> collection and I will send that collection out to the class members, so
>>> they can all view these objects either on Sept 20 at the class, or at a
>>> later time when the weather is more permitting of a viewing session.
>>> So, here's how it will work. Alex sent me 5 objects. Thank you so much
>>> Alex. I only ask for 3 objects for the class, so Alex has an A+ in the
>>> class!
>>> I will accumulate and put into one file, all the submissions of
>>> homework, and format it nicely, and then send it back out to those who
>>> submitted their homework, so that they can all benefit. So, everyone
>>> attending the class will have the complete list.
>>> If you can't print for some reason, let me know and i'll have Don print
>>> the extra copies and bring them with him Saturday. But I need to know this
>>> by Friday 3pm, so that Don  knows how many copies he is making. NO last
>>> minute printing. Don is a very busy dude, and needs time to do it.
>>> So, send me your homework. It can be on list or off, just get it to me.
>>> And let's have a great viewing party. And if the viewing is canceled, i
>>> will email out the list, anyway.
>>> The homework is for everyone attending, even if you are attending
>>> without a scope, you should probably do the homework to become familiar
>>> with the sky.
>>> Have a Fantastic Tuesday!
>>> Terri, Event Coordinator
>>> Below is the homework email I sent out earlier.
>>> On Mon, Sep 15, 2014 at 2:47 PM, Terri <starstuff@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>>>> Happy, awesome, fantastic Monday to all the really Spacial PAS
>>>> Members!!!
>>>> Let's assume for a moment that the weather at Mike's house on Saturday
>>>> will be awesome for a training session.
>>>> Homework for the class is mandatory to attend.
>>>> Homework is sent through the PASMembers List serv to be shared with
>>>> everyone, so we all have the info needed to do the class. I hope to have
>>>> time to accumulate all the homework into a file, and send it out, neatly
>>>> organized, for the printing and use at this class. You will all print your
>>>> own list, from the main list, but at least we will all have the info to
>>>> share. You can reply to this email with your homework assignment.
>>>> $2 donated per vehicle, is also requested.
>>>> Sign up for the potluck.
>>>> Are these the only awesome PAS Members attending this event? Weather
>>>> permitting.
>>>> Terri Finch [Remove] [09-03-2014 03:51 PM] - Weather permitting - 1,
>>>> maybe 2 scopes, and possibly pizza
>>>> Don Boyd [Remove] [09-03-2014 04:16 PM]
>>>> Rodney Fong [Remove] [09-09-2014 03:23 PM]
>>>> http://www.pasaz.org/forums/calendar.php?do=getinfo&e=1482&day=2014-9-20
>>>> And RSVP your attendance. 4 people is not a class size, although, even
>>>> if no one else attends, we will do something class related, just not with
>>>> all the usual class info shared.
>>>> William gave me an idea for next NSTS class. So, I'm ready for the next
>>>> one, in case this one falls through due to weather.
>>>> Saturday is too far out to be accurate with the weather forecasts, but
>>>> we are hopeful we will have an event.
>>>> Let's all get out there and do the homework assignment, even of you
>>>> aren't attending, doing the assignment gets you to be that much more versed
>>>> in what's available to share in September.
>>>> Have a spectacular Monday!
>>>> Terri, Event Coordinator
>>>> You may notice that you got* two copies of this email*. I'm testing
>>>> the lists.
>>>> PASAnnounce is for announcements only and All PAS members are supposed
>>>> to be on that list to know what is happening with PAS. Events, cancelled
>>>> events, etc.
>>>> PASMembers is our discussion list. We discuss weather, upcoming events,
>>>> the potlucks, and topics that were discussed or might be discussed at a
>>>> future Meeting of the Minds. You want to be on this list if you are an
>>>> active member of PAS.
>>>> If you didn't' get two copies of this email, please check to see which
>>>> list you DID get a copy from, and let me know if you need to sign up for
>>>> the other list so I can send out the sign up directions to get you where
>>>> you need to be.
>>>> Complete with typos because i'm in a hurry to jump into the shower
>>>> before William gets home. I may just continue to work on stuff tonight, as
>>>> well, depends on how bad a headache I have from doing the taxes earlier
>>>> today. Taxes, looking at those small numbers on receipts and statements, is
>>>> a headache to me. Everyone have a headache free evening!!!
>>>> --
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>>> Good friends are like stars. You don't always
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Good friends are like stars. You don't always
see them, but you always know they are there.
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