Re: What to keep in ASM?

  • From: "Don Seiler" <don@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: "Alex Gorbachev" <gorbyx@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 26 Feb 2007 16:05:37 -0600

Forgot to CC list in my reply.  Here it is:

On 2/26/07, Alex Gorbachev <gorbyx@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
If I was you, I wouldn't go to the non-standard setup without a
reason. multiplexing controlfiles and redo logs over ASM and
filesystem is a non-standard configuration and I also don't see a
reason for doing it. If you think it would add you resiliency -
describe why.

Does it make any sense to multiplex controlfiles/redo within the same
disk group?  We were only planning on one disk group, so that's
another reason why I thought it might make sense to multiplex outside
of ASM.  Perhaps with striping it isn't an issue.

In this case I would doubt if you really need ASM at all but that's
another story. ;-)

Mainly for the auto management of it.  Obviously we've gotten this far
without it, but I'd like to take advantages of some of the really nice
features of 10g EE (ASM/ASSM/OMF) to save me a few keystrokes and
headaches now and then.

As I mentioned, if you have dedicated DG for backup only (not FRA
location) than you should be able to unmount it and temporary mount on
your development machines subject to SA policies.

Gotcha.  Makes a lot more sense than the first time I read it!

Don Seiler

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