RE: URGENT!!! - Inadvertantly ran catalog.sql in an existing database

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What happens if you do:
alter package standard compile;
Then try utlrp.sql not utlirp.sql  (no need to invalidate everything and
then recompile it all.  Just recompile what's not valid.)

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Then I tried to just run standard.  
It said it created the package.
Then I tried to run utlirp.sql
It hangs and comes back with messages standard not accessible.
Now my whole machine is hanging.
Is there anyway to cleanup the catalog without recoverying the entire
I read that it might be necessary to just have online a large rbs,
create standard, run catalog.sql, run catproc.sql and utlirp.sql
Any advice is greatly appreciated.  The good thing is this is test but
it means contract $$ if we have to loose a day.  


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