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The parallel query error is related to specific OS pre-req patch for and up.(I don't remember the patch number off my head).
I guess this is now included in This error has also dependency on
these parameters.

parallel_max_servers (min 6 or above), 
open_links (4 or above) 
processes (adjust accordingly to OS needs)
sga_target (From 10gR2 streams_pool_size is auto allocated from this, but
general rule is a minimum 200 MB, usually I allocate 500MB for

From your parameters looks like you have only 260MB of streams_pool_size,
and it may well on the edge.  
Try turning off parallelism, increase sga_target or set streams_pool_size to
500MB.  If that works, then turn on parallelism and see if that breaks.

Other question (s) : Is this on production? or Development?  Is this streams
environment is built new or built, then cleaned and rebuilt ...? In that
chances are cleansing may be not really clean...

There may be also other dependencies to the schema/tables that you need to
dig in.

Hope this helps.

Thank You,
Sam Chakkanat
America's C-Bench

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Sam Chakkanat wrote:
> If you have any Oracle Streams questions please let me know.  I would be
more than happy to share my experience.

we introduce it in our technology arsenal with 10g version Actually we're
quite happy with it, but sometimes we experience such error as:

ORA-10388: parallel query server interrupt (failure)
ORA-12801: error signaled in parallel query server P000
ORA-04031: unable to allocate 312 bytes of shared memory ("streams
pool","unknown object","apply shared t","knalf:KGGHSTCLN")

Previously we simply resize streams pool to 260M, but is it the only
solution to this problem?


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