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  • From: "Charles Schultz" <sacrophyte@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Wed, 13 Dec 2006 09:34:10 -0600

Not controversial at all! =) No worries, we already beat Job up over this
issue earlier this year. I think memory management, as with some other new
features, are great concepts but they need time to mature before they are
unleashed to the public, especially with the carte blanch expectation that
they will work great.

I look forward to see how 10gR3 (aka 11g??) will improve upon these

On 12/13/06, Remigiusz Sokołowski <rems@xxxxxxxx> wrote:

Job Miller wrote:
> if you are trusting of the auto memory management stuff, the streams
> pool is now self adjusting in 10gR2, so that you shouldn't see these
> kind of errors.  It *should* borrow memory from other pools to satisfy
> these moments of increased use during PQ operations.
> Job

Well, I suppose this may be a little controversial, but
we used auto memory management and came to conclusion it is a major
source of some of our problems.
The idea is fine and we suppose it works  great for instances with less
turbulent memory structure changes
However since we started with ASMM, we experienced several major server
failures, while working with static settings it was not the case.
Of course now we have to bounce server to change settings, but still it
is better to have a control over shutdown process.


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