Re: Source Control for DB objects

  • From: Morten Egan <oracle@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: JChirco@xxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 3 Aug 2011 19:52:22 +0200

I know most of my customers that do use source control for their code, use
subversion, and I do as my customers do :)

Though I do see something interesting happening with the Editions feature in
oracle 11g. Currently I dont see it as a replacement for other source
control systems (mostly because you can only have a single threaded
versioning model, i.e. only one edition can be a child of the parent
edition), but given time to improve I can definitely see the opportunity to
do the versioning inside the development database itself.

One of my current wacky ideas, for (ab)using the edition feature right now,
would be to create a string of editions every morning (one for every
developer), let them work all day and then have a merging process after a
days work, then repeating the process again the next morning. But at the
current level of the feature, that would require a lot of "manual merging"
procedures .... but could be a fun experiment.

2011/8/1 Jeff Chirco <JChirco@xxxxxxxxxx>

>  What is everybody using as a source control for your
> packages/procedures/functions etc…?  And how do you have it configure/setup?
> ****
> We are currently using Microsoft Visual Source Safe and it works ok but I
> would like to see if there is a different way or something better.  I create
> a different Project for each schema and put all
> packages/procedures/functions etc… inside that project and then we check out
> the individual package when needed.****
> I would also like to see if there is something different that could handle
> multiple check outs by different users.  I know this could get messy.****
> ** **

Morten Egan

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