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I use PL/SQL Developer it is simple and works great, and it has plugins for 
Source Safe and Subversion or TortoiseSVN. And for $180 you can't be that.  
Toad would be nice but is so expensive plus it seems cumbersome. There are so 
many menu options.

As far as source control I think I would like to use Subversion but I am not 
just sure how to configure it for our environment.  Is it possible to just 
check out a single file from a project and not the whole project?  I don't 
really want to check out all files in a project if I am only changing one, or 
if another person needs to modify another file in that same project I don't 
want to have to worry about merging.

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Hi Jeremy,

>> In particular, I'd also be curious what development tools you use 
>> (Oracle's SQL Developer? Toad?)
Subversion command line utilities.

I tried SQL Developer, I just don't like it. But then again, I've been a Toad 
fan for a good many years now. Since before Quest owned it.

>> and if your tools integrate with your source control system for 
>> PL/SQL scripts.
Toad does, with Subversion plus a few others. I do have a problem with Toad's 
current (due for a refit soon!) implementation of source control using 
Subversion. When I have say 10 files open in the editor to fix one particular 
bug, then I have to check them all back in, via Toad, one at a time.

The whole point of Subversion is to check all 10 files in together as one 

A forthcoming version of Toad 11, I think, will allow this feature. In the 
meantime, I save all the files to a working folder and do the commit separately 
using TortoiseSVN. (Which Toad can interface with by the

>> I'd also be curious to hear what you put into change control - just 
>> PL/SQL code, or also system configuration/schema updates?  How about 
>> shell scripts?
Just about everything I do to be honest:

SQL scripts
Bash scripts
PHP scripts
Windows command files.
Text files (non script)
PDF files.
XML files.
C source.
C++ source.
68000 Assembly Source (Not Oracle related obviously!) Etc....

As I move from job to job, I take my scripts with me. They evolve.
Keeping everything in a repository is great as I can dump the repository when I 
move on, and keep the latest versions (actually, entire history) with me.

I also run quite a few Subversion repositories on a USB stick.


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