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I agree . There was  a wealth of technical content. There was  the usual 
marketing stuff but product roadmaps and furture dorections were interesting to 
hear. Between the develop and the full conference i would agree with Jared that 
the  content was different and good. Even the unconference sessions were good.  
The Dvd this year for the first time will contain and Audio of all the session 
1700 + per oracle  and video's of the Keynote sessions . 


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I signed up for the free pass and live about an hr from SFO, I didn't attend, I 
just could not stand the marketing hype, yes there are a few excellent 
presentations, but Oracle Open World is becoming more marketing oriented. I've 
reduced myself to only attending if a new release was issued that year. I could 
not convince myself to go to SFO to hear and see the hype.

There was actually a great deal of technical database content in many sessions.

Not so in the past, this year was different.

Jared Still
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