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  • Date: Mon, 16 Aug 2004 18:15:38 +0200

I think you have understood it very well, and summarized it well, too :-).

True, RAC comes free with Standard Edition, but then other issues with 
RMAN and clusters and SE arise. It's good to be a consulting company.

So I would like to add to your list: Your consulting cost will increase.


Freeman, Donald wrote:

> One thing to do is check the archives for this forum.  There have been a =
> lot of discussions about RAC.  I'm a bit glum about it.  I'm pretty new =
> as an Oracle DBA and we have already installed RAC on our transactional =
> system and have allocated money for our datawarehouse. At the time I =
> didn't know enough to influence those decisions. I have observed that =
> the transactional dba's have had some trouble keeping both nodes up when =
> they were supposed to be up.
> What I have extracted out of the conversations here is that your =
> management problems will increase, your cost will increase, your =
> performance will decrease.   You should gain some increased  =
> availability.  If I didn't summarize that right somebody should correct =
> me.=20

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