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Yeah! Well, I don't see no bottle of Highland Park (18 yo), so I don't believe 

I guess the real question, at least for me, is "What really is Grid Computing?" 
and "How can database systems use grid computing?".
When I think of grid, I think of seti@home. I am having a hard time picturing 
how database systems would spread the workload.


Pete Sharman wrote:
> Yep.  You're missing the simple fact that grid is bigger than RAC.  Sure, R=
> AC enables a lot of the grid technology but you can also have non-clustered=
>  databases in a grid environment on different OS's.  Add Streams and the ab=
> ility to have cross platform transportable tablespaces and you'll see more =
> of the overall grid environment.
>  =
> Pete

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