RE: How to store 50 Terabytes per day?

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, the only issue with this is normally budget but when you plan on
storing this amount of data then I am guessing budget is likewise

I specified/designed for a Telco a system a while ago where we were
looking at Solid state exactly for this reason,

George Leonard
Oracle Database Administrator
New Dawn Technologies @ Wesbank
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Quoting from AUTHOR: Leonard, George:

> Your problem will be the redo logs, giving them fast enough discs to
> keep up with the data coming in and the same for archive logs (space
> speed), having enough space for 1 or 2 days worth and speed t keep up
> with the redo log switching, then a big enough tape system to archive
> the archive logs and to backup changed blocks.
> snip
> Every time I worked on a high performance system I always seem to run
> into redo log writing speed not being sufficient, being the final
> bottleneck... but then this all is a factor of the budget size but def
> doable I am sure.

One solution: SSD.  Solid-State-Disk.  They have some amazing
write rates.  Much faster than anything a traditional disk can do.
And they have their own power backup and offline storage to disk.
Saw one demo a couple of years ago, the guy was writing 5 million
rows in a matter of a few short seconds.  Capacity is not large
enough for datafiles but is plenty for redo.

Nuno Souto

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