RE: How to store 50 Terabytes per day?

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Strangely enough I think the actual data space is not the problem here,

Your problem will be the redo logs, giving them fast enough discs to
keep up with the data coming in and the same for archive logs (space and
speed), having enough space for 1 or 2 days worth and speed t keep up
with the redo log switching, then a big enough tape system to archive
the archive logs and to backup changed blocks.

Thing is to put the total space together is just discs and controllers
and a lot of funky striping sets and to have the cpu power is multiple
HP's running either UX or Linux or maybe a big Dell cluster.

Every time I worked on a high performance system I always seem to run
into redo log writing speed not being sufficient, being the final
bottleneck... but then this all is a factor of the budget size but def
doable I am sure.

George Leonard
Oracle Database Administrator
New Dawn Technologies @ Wesbank
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30K DML is very much achievable. Few weeks back, I was involved in a
benchmark excercise for one of the telcos here and the result was 32k
CDRs/seconds. (Each CDR-Call Data Record processing involves 3-4 DMLs).
So your target is very much possible with minimal tuning.

We have used Pro*C and 9iR2 RAC on HP-UX Itanium.

--- ryan_gaffuri@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

> does anyone know what the largest database in the world that uses
> oracle is? I heard that CERN was going to use Oracle for a grid? Is
> this accurate? I Thought that was going to 10 Petabytes?
> what about the highest transaction? An oracle instructor said Amazon
> is using Oracle and I would assume that is pretty book.=20
> When we fully deploy we could be looking at 30,000 DML
> statements/minute during peak time plus 60,000 queries. I'm sure
> there are bigger ones than that... Not sure how you compare activity
> in an oltp though.=20

Have a nice day !!
Best Regards,
K Gopalakrishnan,
Co-Author: Oracle Wait Interface: Oracle Press 2004.

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