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One person that DBAs can use as an "ally" is the network guy. With stored procedures, more of the processing is handled locally in the DB server(s). In large projects it might justify to create a simple prototype of both kinds of app (with and without PL/SQL) and test them using a network sniffer. Yes, performance diffs won't probably be seen in a small test, but you can measure the amount of data (# of packets) transmitted from the server to a "client" (might be an app server here). There are commercial tools and open source ones ( that you can use just to measure the data (and those SQL*Net stats can also be used).

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I just had a conversation with a developer about the same kind of issue. After a long discussion, I recommended that they not use stored procedures and kept the data loading/validation in the app layer using java. In this case, they needed to get the app through the development process quickly, performance is not an option (at least at this point...I'm guessing this will change) and the team knows java, not pl/sql. He is well aware of the performance

Daniel Fink

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