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Absolutely.  It also tells you a lot about how much your company values
you.  If they wont spring for training once or twice a year, you should
be thinking about finding a new employer.


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On 5/30/07, Ted Coyle <oracle-l@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

        Recently, I asked a software company VP friend of mine if the
company he's
        now at values training.  His response, "we want to hire the
people who
        self-train, we don't want to hand hold."  

This can of course be translated as:

"We hire people that will spend all of their free time learning how
better to do their job,
and we don't have to pay for it"

Sorry, doesn't work for me. 

Not only is formal training valuable, lots of folks have better ways
to spend their time away from the office doing something other than

As regards the motivation at startups: the carrot is the possibility of
a huge 
payoff down the road.  80+ hour weeks are simply not worth any amount 
of money.

Jared Still
Certifiable Oracle DBA and Part Time Perl Evangelist

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