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  • Date: Tue, 22 May 2007 21:23:14 -0400

I normally agree about certification not being worth much more than the
paper it is printed on.  However, I have an opportunity in front of me for a
10-20k pay raise if I update my Oracle dba skills.  The job would eventually
require me to be certified, so I figured that if I go ahead and at least
pass the oca and ocp tests.  Taking these test will help me refresh and
update my Oracle skills, along with giving me the edge I should need to land
this job.

So spend about $300-500 now (no I won't actually be an ocp, since I don't
have the money and time right now to pay to attend an Oracle Class), and be
in position for a 10-20K raise in the next few months.  If I get the
position, then they would pay the money to complete the ocp and possibly
even the master/expert level.

Just my 2 cents on why I want certification

On 5/22/07, Caviness, Jay A <Jay.Caviness@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

With all due respect to all the OCP's out there (of which I am one).
Why do you want to be certified? I believe it is a waste of money.  I
understand that many hiring managers look for that, but it doesn't mean
much to me as someone who has been a DBA for 17 years (yep, cut my teeth
on 5.1).   I cannot tell you how many people I have interviewed for
positions that were OCP but didn't know squat about what really being a
dba is.  To me it is about understanding how and why things work (and
don't work) and getting the experience and intuition to resolve problems
that may not even be in the database.  I can't remember syntax worth a
darn, but I know enough to know what to look up!

I will admit that I took OCP tests from v7 to v9i when the company paid
for them, but that is a lot to shell out to do on my own.

Just my 2 cents worth.


Jay the grumpy dba

I gotta fever...and the only prescription for it is ... MORE COWBELL!

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Consider buying the selftestsoftware practice tests, they're excellent
and mostly identical to the real questions on the real exams.

Passing the Certification is all about regurgitating the material in the
form that the q compilers want - so try the practice tests until you can
confidently answer at least 95% of the qs, and you won't fail on the
real exam.

On 5/22/07, Chris Hoover <revoohc@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> I have been a dba for 7 years working with many different databases.
> I am wanting to get certified in Oracle(10G) to help open up some
> doors.  Can anyone recommend the best book(s) to purchase to study for

> the oca and ocp tests?  I have several years of Oracle experience, but

> it has been a couple of years since I've done a lot of work with
> Thanks for any recommendations,
> chris

Alberto Dell'Era
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