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I don't see the big downside of having autoextend on (except for temp
tablespaces - those things can become a monster with a bad piece of
code).  At our shop, we use nagios to monitor the file systems.  This
helps prevent us from running out of space in the file system without
having a tablespace fill up with a job in the middle of the night that I
wasn't told was going to run.  (kind of like having a GPS ankle bracelet
on your teenager - right Tim?)
That said - I believe in monitoring to make sure that my space
assumptions continue to be correct.  If circumstances change because of
a release of code or a change in the business model, then I can decide
if I need to change my storage strategy.
Steve Smith

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If you decide to switch to autoextend, I think this is the least issue
to decide. The important issue is how space will be monitored. Done
right, autoextend can give you a single space indicator to monitor. But
make sure none of your tables have a limit of extents or you'll get a
failure even though you still have disk space. 
Dennis Williams

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