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I may be living a weird or uncommon space, but I have a rich interconnection 
between the mobile, the home office, my EMail system (and it's 7+ GBytes of 
Calendar, Contacts, and EMail folders), my Internet Favorites, and so on.  I 
would dearly love to bridge gap between my office upstairs, my mobile, and the 
flat screen and STB/PVR/TV stuff happening in my L.R..  I cannot do without all 
of my workstation Calendar and Contacts transparently synchronized to my 
mobile, so why shouldn't that be N-directionally true with the L.R. As well?

I would never expect my mobile device to handle the load, nor would I expect a 
smart TV to replace my "real" computer upstairs where I do printing Word Excel 
etc.  The STB/PVR is, well, a STB/PVR (appliance).  But if could do something 
so simple as to leverage my Outlook Calendar to Schedule PVR events it would be 
really cool.  Doing EMail from my TV via wireless QWERTY using my workstation's 
databases sometimes would be great.  Maybe just having remote access to my 
upstairs workstation screen from my smart TV downstairs over my WLAN?  (Hey, 
didn't we invent that with Telnet in 1969?)

No, I am not going to dispose of my workstation or the UPS running everything 
upstairs, nor am I going to disconnect my cable box nor am I going to buy a PC 
and separate UPS for my L.R..  I just want to have an effortless foursome 
between my PC, mobile, STB/PVR and my flat screen.

Bring it on. 


Tom McMahon
Del Rey
+1-310-717-7208 Mobile

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So (looking my cable remote while I am lying here on my couch with my 
BlackBerry doing EMail) I guess I could have a typical (or perhaps CE-company 
branded) wireless QWERTY keyboard, I could poke the Spacebar or Return to wake 
up my smart TV (and also my STB if separate), I could use the numeric keypad 
(or Shift numbers keys) to enter channels, I could use the Up/Down and 
Left/Right arrow keys to navigate the channel guide(s), tap the L/R arrow keys 
2 or 3 or 4 times for PVR FFwd and FRewind, use QWERTY to search for "House" or 
"2012 Sandy Concert" or "CSI", maybe "." or CTL-P for pause, maybe CTL-R for 
record and CTL-I for info on the current program and CTL-G for guide and CTL-M 
for menu and CTL-W for Web, ... and then pop into full Internet mode and/or for 
OTT and/or Outlook for checking OpenDTV EMail when I like?

I'd still like my mobile device for telephone and when not in potato mode of 
course but it would seem to be trivial to use a wireless QWERTY instead of the 
cable remote when in the L.R. (and much easier to type when I wanna do things 
like this in horizontal mode).

I guess having my PVR do it's backup in the cloud while I am sleeping wouldn't 
be too much of a leap.  I presume the same might hold for the smart CE 
platform's OS and anti-virus updates as well.

Back to my cellulose-based crime novel until after dinner....


Tom McMahon
Del Rey
+1-310-717-7208 Mobile

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Tom posted:

There's no excuse for the reasons printed in the article.

The user interfaces aren't similar and are too confusing? Why? Aren't people by 
now totally familiar with web browsers? Why can't smart TVs use regular web 
browsers, a regular remote keyboard (as necessary, which might be quite 
infrequent), and regular remote mouse?

Typing while sitting 10'-15' away from the screen, I agree, isn't he easiest 
thing to do. But of course, you wouldn't typically do those activities from a 
TV. But browsing the web for videos, movies, TV programs, travel brochures, is 
fine. And you can set the size of the type, if the default size is too small. I 
have no problem reading text on the TV, set to its default setting. Because the 
TV resolution is 1366 X 768, so text is relatively large, even 14' or so 
distant, when it's on a 42" set. But again, that's adjustable. And reading text 
is not the primary reason to connect a TV to the Internet.

Most of the typing, for most people, would probably be to set up their 
"favorites." Once favorites are set up, the mouse is all you use.

I didn't see the most obvious reason listed, though. Which is, these connected 
TVs can't browse the web properly. My personal experience is, a very small 
minority of what I watch online is available on one of those handicapped sets. 
I do watch some YouTube stuff, and I occasionally use regular Hulu. That's 
about it. Everything else is either going to be international networks, the TV 
networks' own web sites, or searching for movies online, at strange and 
probably sketchy sites. (Yes, for that, I might type the name of the movie on 
my search engine. Big deal.)

What a waste of technology when you have the Internet at your disposal, and CE 
companies inexplicably wall it all off. Certainly takes all the fun out of it.

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