[opendtv] Re: Nine ways Apple, Inc. just changed the landscape of consumer electronics

  • From: "Kon Wilms" <kon@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Thu, 11 Jan 2007 12:07:18 -0800

On 1/11/07, Craig Birkmaier <craig@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

While it was introduced first, Apple TV seemed like a rather obvious
product that did not need much promotion. The graph near the end of
the Macworld presentation may be a factor in why the iPhone stole the
show. Apple is seeking to grab 1% of the global cell phone market in
2008 - 10 million units out of an annual market that is approaching 1
billion. To put this in perspective, in 2006 the total volume of
units for several key CE products was:

Game consoles: 26 million
Digital cameras: 94 million
MP3 players: 195 million
PCs 209: million

It remains to be seen what impact Apple TV will have in a marketplace
where multimedia PCs have failed to generate much of a market. From
here it looks like Apple TV is just another Apple peripheral, like a
Wi-Fi base station. The hub of Apple's universe is iTunes, an
application that runs on Macs and millions of PCs. It is the home
media server and online store where both free and paid content can be
acquired. The iPod, iPhone and Apple TV are all peripherals that
leverage your media library.

Often on this list, and in a world where analysts try to pick the
winners from the annual lottery of new product introductions, we hear
the same old refrain: "You can't do that." Usually this is in the
context that consumers are not interested in...

John W. thinks mobile video is DOA.

Phil Swann thinks the center of the universe is HDTV, that video
iPods were a huge flop, despite the FACT that Apple has sold more
than 50 million video downloads. Note to Phil - Apple TV supports
1280 x 720@24P playback on HDTV displays (now what do you think that
format will be used for?).

Bert thinks that the broadcast networks have the content world
cornered - and that ATSC transmissions will sustain a dying broadcast

And Bill Gates thinks that consumers are going to put up with
notoriously poor software.

Sorry Craig, but it's time to remove the rose-colored eyeglasses.

Vista Media Center completely spanks the Apple ITV. Now if they would just
release that PCI-based DirecTV tuner card...

And the iPhone - jack of all trades and master of none. Not enough storage
to make it a real pocket PMP. For just music it is a $499 Nano. Not enough
resolution to make it a pocket browser (my Nokia N800 has more). A battery
that can't be removed (in a phone!). No tactile feedback (now I have to look
at the phone to dial a number). And to top it off a walled garden
application environment. Clamshells are here for a reason - to protect
devices. I wouldn't be surprised to see the exact same issue with the iPhone
as was seen with the iPod line - screens scratched to the point of being

Having said that the iPhone looks great.. but I would pass on it for the
above reasons. At least with my SE phone I can take a photo with my DSLR,
pop the card out, pop it into the phone and upload it to my flickr account
in one pass (or just take the photo on my phone). Nevermind that I can also
leave the phone in my pocket and use my N800 to connect to the internet and
browse using a 'real' resolution.

I do love how the press has spun the iPhone's ability to run 'OSX
Applications'. Please. What a load of nonsense. We all know these
applications will be stripped down widgets. And only select developers will
be allowed to release applications for the iPhone.

Here I'll give you one headache - Apple seem to be quite content cobbling
more features into iTunes. You and I and everyone else know that iTunes just
won't last in the long run for handling media management, downloads, iTV
interfacing, .... it has been bloated since V6. What are Apple's plans for
this bloatware? At least Microsoft are forking out to a variety of media
interfaces and applications as well as a media hub / storage concept. Apple
needs an iServer to go with that iTV box. One that could feed Apple,
Microsoft, and all other OS's out there with uPnP (as much as I detest it).


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