[opendtv] Re: News: Paxson Challenges Must-Carry Decision

  • From: "Rod Hewitt" <rod@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Fri, 20 May 2005 01:33:24 -0400

Well, I've been a long (really long) time lurker on this list and this
finally pursauded me to respond.

I haven't responded to this list in the past because I don't want to
look like I'm pushing anything given I write software for this market,
but come on, if Pax wants must-carry, shouldn't they get their own house
in order?

This is a capture of my app's decode of their WPXW-DT stream from
Manassas VA on channel 43.

1. Two streams with no real video input (services 4 & 8). Been that way
for months. Been greed muck from time to time too (i.e. no sync into the
encoder - wow).

2. No closed-captions in ATSC format. Their captions are in Sci. Atl.
Format, but that 'aint exactly allowed is it.

3. No EIT/ETT whatsoever. Sure, all their pointers are there, but
there's no data.

4. (Technical point, but...). They compress their extended channel name
with Huffman and have about 650Kbps of NULL PIDs!

I'm sure Comcast et al doesn't want to carry a couple channels with no


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(SNIP)Rubbish from Paxton about must carry

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