[opendtv] Re: HD DVR for the antenna crowd

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Uncompressed hd is 1.5 gb/sec.  DVDs and HD-DVDs and BluRay are all MPEG-2
video, which by definition is compressed video.

Actually, "by definition" is a bit strong.  I have never seen any mechanism
in the MPEG-2 specification and annexes that would permit transmission of
uncompressed audio or video.  I'm only making the assumption that "no
mechanism" means "only compressed audio and video."

John Willkie

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John replied
> > cool kids say): yeah, you get only a handful of channels, but they're in
> > crystal-clear digital quality--DVD quality at "worst," uncompressed
> > high-definition at best.
> 1) "OTA?  What's that?" as the cook kids say,
> 2) I had no idea that uncompressed HD could fit in 19.4 Mbps.

The "cool kids" belief that broadcast HD is the quality benchmark and is
free, is correct. No need in overloading them with the "useless" facts! Of
course HD DVD and Blue Ray are something else......and they are also
compressed, I assume anyway.

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