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EchoStar TR-50: HD DVR for the antenna crowd 
If you think everybody has cable or satellite, you couldn't be more wrong.
In fact, if you live in an area that's well-served by digital broadcasters,
now's a better time than ever to get your TV over the air (or "OTA," as the
cool kids say): yeah, you get only a handful of channels, but they're in
crystal-clear digital quality--DVD quality at "worst," uncompressed
high-definition at best. The problem--as we're reminded by many an
e-mailer--is that there just isn't a good DVR solution for the rabbit-ears
crowd, especially if you prefer high-def. You can opt for a TiVo HD
26subj=ces>, but you'd still have to pay a monthly fee for their programming
guide.) But that may finally be changing, thanks to the EchoStar TR-50. For
all intents and purposes, the TR-50 takes many of the features found on Dish
Networks' excellent satellite DVRs (such as the ViP622
msn-cnet%26subj=ces> and 722) and brings them to antenna-based TV viewers.
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--John P. Falcone, CNET.com

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