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>(This is my third attempt to post this.  I hope it works this time!)
>Okay, 11.7-million (10.52%) of US TV Households do not subscribe to some
>sort of MVPD.
>I can't speak for other DMAs, but in the Portland, OR DMA 60% of the
>cable homes are directly fed by either fiber or microwave from my
>station.  That leaves 40% of cable viewers who are getting their local
>stations from an off-air pickup.  I would suspect that this figure is
>not too far off from a 'national average'.  That would mean that
>something like 28.4-million cable households receive their local
>stations via cable from an off-air signal.

I suspect that the FCC, in seeking data on "households that rely on OTA" did 
not mean to include MVPD subscribers whose service provider happens to get 
signals from a VHF/UHF antenna as well as or instead of from fiber, microwave 
or a satellite antenna. The point of the exercise is presumably to find out how 
many households and how many individual TV sets will be disenfranchised -- or 
will require ATSC STBs -- when NTSC is shut off. MVPD subscribers are by 
definition not disenfranchised, but some of their bedroom sets might be.

>In MVPD households not all sets are always connected to the MVPD source
>(hopefully the current FCC effort will fully determine the exact number)
>and estimates range from 30-40% of TV sets are not connected to an MVPD.
>That could be as many as 124-million, or as few as 93-million MVPD
>household TVs that rely on an antenna for reception.

Some estimates are lower than 30-40% and it is highly unlikely that the current 
FCC effort -- or anything short of a door-to-door census -- will determine 
anything close to the exact number.

>This means that some where between 130-million (37%) and 161-million
>(46%) of all TVs in use rely on off-air reception to receive their local

Still a complete WAG. The number could just as well be 1/2 of what you claim. 
But I grant you that whatever the number is, it is not insignificant.

BTW, your numbers imply that there are 350M TV sets in the U.S. Since there are 
108.4M TVHH, this is more than 3.2 TV sets per household. I think the average 
is closer to 2.7, which puts us at around 293M TV sets in the U.S.

-- Frank
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