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  • Date: Mon, 12 Jul 2004 20:41:44 -0400

Mark Schubin wrote:

>- Follow-ups:
>    - Other cable and H/DTV -
>         - On its HD-on-demand service, Comcast is reportedly offering 
>only two movies, "Antarctica HD" and "India: Kingdom of the Tiger":
>         - The National Cable and Telecommunications Association (NCTA) 
>mid-year report lists just 382 U.S. DTT stations being carried on any 
>U.S. cable systems but 17 HD cable networks.  It divides the U.S. total 
>multichannel video programming distributor (MVPD) universe (97 million 
>households out of Nielsen's 108.4 million TV households) as of April as 
>              - 73.3% - Cable
>              - 23.5% - DBS satellite
>              -  1.1% - Satellite master-antenna TV (SMATV)
>              -  0.4% - C-band satellite
>              -  0.2% - Multichannel multipoint distribution service (MMDS)
>              -  1.4% - Other:
Which leave 11.4% who rely on OTA TV/DTV.

But cable says that 3 to 4 million households "deliberately steal their 

And satellites says that for every 5 legitimate customers there is one 
no so legitimate.

And tvturnoff.org says 2% of households have no TV what-so-ever.

None of these households rely on OTA TV/DTV.

That leaves 3.23% who really rely on OTA TV/DTV.

Some have suggested recently that the downward spiral in those who rely 
on OTA has plateaued. Maybe it would be more correct to say hit rock bottom.
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